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For the employer, psychosocial risk management is a complex puzzle. We help you identify the key pieces, acquire and adjust them precisely in a participative approach.

Burnout prevention and management

Identification and support for people and situations at risk.

Your advantages :

  • Occupational health alertness
  • Protection measures
  • Freedom of speech around Burnout
  • Individual and collective protection measures

HR risks audit

Monitoring of 12 key indicators with the “Risk mastering” platform

Your advantages :

  • Mapping of the HR risks
  • Action plan in order of priority
  • Opportunity of long lasting results
  • Follow-up indicators cockpit

Absence and presence management

Agile design of processes and indicators

Your advantages :

  • Formalised process
  • Absence and presence management
  • Direct and indirect costs control
  • Long lasting results

Management of long term absences

Evaluation of the potential in terms of work capacity with all stakeholders

Your advantages :

  • Reduction of the length and number of cases
  • Better overview of the deadlines and action perspectives


Space for interaction between the persons involved in a conflict

Your advantages :

  • Resolution of the conflicts at work
  • Reduction of the absences due to conflicts
  • Improvement of the work environment.
  • Advantages of conflict management put forward

Person of trust

Confidential and benevolent support device

Your advantages :

  • Compliance with the 2012 legislation
  • Prevention of potential conflicts
  • Improvement of the work environment.
  • Psychosocial risks reduction
  • Psychosocial risks reduction.

Development for the managers

Management skills development with innovative modalities

Your advantages :

  • Notable change in practice
  • Agile managers
  • 3.0 management culture

Internal communication

Contents and materials to support psychosocial risk management actions

Your advantages :

  • Increased credibility of the WHM (Work Health Management)
  • Stronger adhesion to the WHM measures
  • Change facilitation

Work environment management

Analysis and follow-up of the 8 satisfaction at work indicators

Your advantages :

  • Prevention of HR risks linked to the work environment
  • Optimised wellbeing at work
  • Strengthened corporate image
  • Prevention indicators

Occupational health program

Development of the occupational health and security policy.

Your advantages :

  • Consistent WHM concept
  • Integrated in the global strategy
  • Vision transformed into concrete actions
  • HR compliance
  • Attractive corporate image


Assessment ofmanagers

Identification of the competencies or potential to manage human risks.

Your advantages :

  • Better matching with the psychosocial risks management objectives
  • Efficient recruiting in the long run
  • Involvement of the managers in the Work Health Management
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