First aid, as close and quick as possible

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Article

Who is better suited than the close ones in the professional and private sphere to detect that there is a problem? That a colleague has become irritable, gained weight and has not joined any social event lately? In short, the close ones are best suited for quick detection. But they can sometimes have doubts about the level of urgency to act and, mostly, not know what can be done concretely. This is the reason why Pro Mente Sana has just launched first aid training sessions for enterprises that Umanize can now deliver.

First aid giver

Providing close ones, colleagues, family members, friends with warning indicators and intervention tools, thus seems well suited to act on this still taboo phenomena. Mental health issues affect about one in 4 people in their lifetime in Europe. Among them, only one in four will consult a mental health specialist for treatment.

Mental health first aiders at work

Fear of stigmatisation, lack of understanding for what is going on, a delayed detection of the problem are among the main reasons for the low rate of recourse to specialists. Pro Mente Sana designed training modules to certify occupational first aiders and heighten the managers’ awareness on mental health issues and possible actions. These first aiders can come into play to provide information and guidance, especially at work, based on the same model as Samaritans.

Eric Druliolle’s certification by Pro Mente Sana as a mental health rescuer and as a first aid instructor now allows Umanize to deliver these courses.

For information or counsel

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