Our area of intervention for individuals

The impact of psychosocial risks often calls for individual support measures. This can concern the professional as well as the private sphere.

Career transition: skills assessment

Support for professional transition

Your advantages :

  • A clear picture of the available resources and how to strengthen them
  • Definition of a realistic project
  • Increased self-confidence and motivation
  • Sustainable management of human resources

Protection of the personal integrity (person of trust)

Confidential and benevolent support device.

Your advantages :

  • Legal compliance (see SECO)
  • Conflict prevention
  • Improved work environment
  • Reduction of psychosocial risks
  • Protection of the personality and integrity

Back to a professional life

Support to regain an autonomous earning capacity

Your advantages :

  • To be in control of the situation
  • To bounce back after a life-changing event
  • To make the best of the change of status
  • To return to work after a Burnout

Support for people with Burnout

Identification and support for people and situations at risk.

Your advantages :

  • Occupational health alertness
  • Protection measures
  • Freedom of speech around Burnout
  • Individual and collective protection measures

Complementary services

Details :

  • Health-check interview
    • with an occupational physician;
    • or an occupational health nurse
  • Facilitation of the coordination with the employer to organise the return to work

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