Our services in the medical area

Psychosocial risks are often linked to medical aspects. Yet, it is difficult for employers to have access to this confidential information, on order to take appropriate measures. We help creating the connection to the medical world.

Employee, general practitioner and occupational doctor interface

Connection between GP, advising doctor, labour doctor and employee (patient).


Your advantages :

  • Confidentiality guaranteed between the different partners while processing the case.
  • Employees strengthen their own healing resources
  • Better management of the risk of relapse when coming back to work
  • Fluid information exchange

Doctor employer interface

Favor dialogue between two separate worlds.

Your advantages :

  • Conciliation of diverging constraints
  • Confidential information exchange
  • Collaboration that leads to relevant measures
  • Synergies that benefit all stakeholders

Complementary services

Details :

  • Occupational health
    • Consultations
    • Medical expertise
    • Vaccinations
    • Outsourced occupational health service
  • Occupational health training for managers and HR staff

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