Umanize has 4 years old

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Article

Umanize has now been active for 4 years. We are, of course, full of gratitude towards our clients and all the people who trusted us from the start. But from another perspective, since we launched our activity, we witnessed a strong development of stress related health issues in the Swiss labour market. Here are some of our observations, that we deem important to share today.

Our observations during the last 4 years

Stress related health issues have been growing strongly in the Swiss working world those last 4 years. This has been increased/caused by social issues, particularly due to home office. It brings out the importance and limits of the management role.

Challenges that push companies into action

The pandemic enforced a hybrid work model and home office, in particular. This model makes creating group dynamics and collaboration in teams more challenging. The loss of social ties and meaning, that sometimes comes with it, can cause mental health issues. They are increasing and harder to detect.

Management role in detection and prevention

The management role finds itself strengthened and challenged all at once: to recognise warning signs and identify critical situations becomes vital. Managers that do not prioritise those human aspects, seem to have more and more difficulties to play their role and are losing interest in it. As a result, managers often feel powerless and in need of support.

Our team stays at your disposal

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