Umanize offers a new expertise in social assistance

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Article

Social difficulties can have an impact on health and work. That’s why Umanize offers a new expertise in social assistance to complement its range of services.

Cynthia Kapfer, Umanize’s social worker, provides social assistance services in the following four axes: personal, health, financial and professional. Requests for support can be made for a one-time consultation or for follow-ups over several months.



  • Advice and referral to specific institutions depending on the family situation
  • Contacts with mediators for conventions
  • Support to define the steps in case of separation or divorce
  • Advice and referral for caregivers
  • Advice and referral for childcare


  • Support and guidance in the housing search process
  • Determination of the rights for housing benefits

Death and grief

  • Support and follow through in case of grief
  • Referral to specialized institutions



  • Contacts with specific services
  • Early intervention DI
  • DI application
  • Activation of disability insurance resources and knowledge
  • Preparation of the professional reintegration/reorientation project


Finance management and debt relief

  • Advice for making and maintaining a balanced budget
  • Identify debt relief opportunities
  • Advice and referral to specialized debt relief institutions
  • Advice and referral for one-time funding request

Administrative management

  • Advice and support for the administrative management
  • Support in understanding administrative documents and procedures

Social insurance

  • Determining and asserting rights
  • Determining complementary financial benefits (an allowance, housing benefit, complementary benefits, alimony and child support, social security)


  • Advice and referral for the tax return


Contract termination

  • Support and referral for the unemployment benefit process


  • Advice and support for financial procedures in case of retirement or pre-retirement


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