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by | May 4, 2021 | Article

We are pleased to welcome Annalisa Piazza, case management specialist and coach in our team. She answered a short interview: she speaks about her career and her motivations.

Your career path is very rich, can you describe its milestones?

After graduating in languages and business administration, I left Italy to discover other countries from the European Union, where I worked in the fields of marketing, sales and interior design.

I arrived in Geneva in 2011: for 9 years I work as a case manager in the domain of the medical assistance abroad, dealing with stressful situations as well as with the organization of repatriations.

Simultaneously to my professional experiences, I trained in coaching and different therapeutic methods and then, in 2020 opened my own practice where I offer therapeutic and occupational services.

Why join Umanize?

For me, joining Umanize means contributing to the promotion of occupational health through win-win solutions for all stakeholders, and the conciliation of their different needs.

What inspires you in your job?

Supporting humans : offer my competencies and my time to help, orient, actively listen and guide them towards their own resources.

Annalisa’s Proust survey

  • Your favourite occupation? Travelling to discover new cultures
  • Your favourite motto? Better alone than in bad company
  • Your main personality trait? Versatile


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